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Wondershare DVD Creator

Wondershare DVD Creator

Buying a powerful DVD or CD writer doesn’t make much of a difference unless you buy the right software alongside. Well, as far as Wondershare DVD Creator is concerned, you do not even have to buy it since its basic version is absolutely free. Regarded as one of the best DVD tools, this software does enormous jobs for you just within a flicker of time. In this Wondershare DVD Creator Review, we shall discuss its features and functions in detail.

Wondershare DVD Creator is released for both Windows and Mac systems. For Windows, its first got version released for Vista and XP and then it moves up to Windows 10. Also, it is available for all version of Mac and gives optimal performance on the later versions. This software is limitless where you can burn any DVD with over 150 video formats and supports every popular disc type that is known.

Wondershare DVD Creator Features:

While it comes quite late in the hierarchy, I would first like to layout the video editing feature of Wondershare DVD Creator in this review. Well, there are times when you need to do some basic tweaks to your videos. Just so that you don’t have to buy a separate expensive software to do those changes, the Wondershare DVD Creator provides a space for video editing. This tools allows you to do tasks like cropping, trimming, and enhancing a video. Also, you can add subtitles and watermarks to save your copyright.

For both Blu-Ray and normal DVDs, the Wondershare DVD Creator comes with more 150 video formats in which you can burn your videos. This starts with common formats such as Mp4 and reaches the higher codecs including MKV and AVI. This doesn’t end here because you can now burn all kinds of DVDs from DVD-9 to BD-100. Unlike other software, there are no separate add-ons which you will have to pay extra money for.

During searching for software like this, most of the users look for a user-friendly interface and ease of use. It is highly unlikely that many of them would be experts in using these. Thus, the better software like Wondershare DVD Creator always ensures that they provide and easy to use interface where the casual users can freely edit and burn their videos. Our in-review software has made it so easy that there is even a one-click option for burning your DVDs.

Being a professional DVD creator, you can give your videos the look of a pro using hundreds of templates available in Wondershare DVD Creator’s interface. They don’t take a lot of space and complete change the look of your work making it more appealing.

Wondershare DVD Creator Cons:

While the basic version might be free, you will have to buy the premium for gaining access to the most important features. This is when Wondershare DVD Creator gets really expensive as compared to the other software in the same department. Others than that, this is just the perfect software you would dream of for your DVD burning tasks.

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