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PenguinProxy v0.9.x [Free Download]


PenginProxy gives you a simple to setup VPN service which is community-powered.Your anonymous web requests through Proxy App
are forwarded through their servers as well as other PenguiProxy users. This process is intended to confuse advertisers and hide your true
identity while you browse.

Keep in mind that completing requests for other members of the community will increase both your download
(when you request on their behalf) and upload (when you send them the result). This has currently has some measures to limit this to
reasonable levels, and they are planning on incorporating more.

It is secure, and requests are fully encrypted but since it is a community-based service with requests being forwarded through
other users you can equate it to using a public Wi-Fi hotspot. So, it is advised to use PenguinProxy along with HTTPS Everywhere to obtain
end-to-end encryption.

Simple Installation

PenguinProxy Screenshot

Download Links (54MB)

Download PenguinProxy v0.9.x [Free Download] / Link 2

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