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Adobe InDesign CC Review

The developers and common software users has a unique respect for Adobe due to the way they have changed the life of web and application developers, filmmakers and photographers, and people from other departments of life. Another of our favorite product which has special place in the hearts of us web developers is this Adobe InDesign CC. The software allow the users to create different designing templates for their websites which has been a very difficult job previously with simple coding.

Just like you have a lot preprogrammed stuff to edit your photos and videos in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, Adobe InDesign CC brings you an opportunity to explore your talent of creativity while creating website templates. Filled with millions of templates and font designs, it has changed the meaning of design and with the 3D features, the job seems more like a fun thing than something hefty on your mind.

This latest version Adobe InDesign CC has marked some better spots among users and they seem pretty satisfied with its overall impression, cost-efficiency, recommendation system, customer support, and of course, the ease of use. Unlike other reviews, we will first mention some of the cons so that if you cannot coup with them, you better leave the idea of buying it.

Adobe InDesign CC Features:

If you run a proper company and had to hire professionals for creating a specific template, Adobe InDesign CC solves that problem and now after following a little learning curve, you will be able to handle that most technical part of the job yourself. This results in a good money saving which you can then utilize in other parts of the project. Now, whether you are looking forward to designing brochures, templates, or fliers, this software will be doing a perfect job for you.

This new version of the software has come forward with a lot of improvements in the interface design which was creating a lot of problems for the users. Well, it still seems pretty complex and is not something a non-professional can handle, it is helping the users a lot.

Some of the new tools added are paragraph borders, new fonts, a new tool for meddling with the object size and details, and of course, you can now finally share text assets in the libraries and import many of them from the Adobe CC Libraries.

The scripts from the previous version for endnotes were improved and you can eve take over the previous projects to make them better.

Adobe InDesign CC Cons:

To be honest, this is not a software which any non-professional would start using fine after watching some below-average tutorials. It requires the mind of a professional and when you first open this on your device, its interface seems quite complex. You will have to go through that learning curve so that you can get used to it properly.

The next thing which is important to mention is the hefty photo editor. If you can use Adobe Photoshop, we would recommendation that you stick to it because Adobe InDesign CC is going to give you some hard time with that.

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