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Adobe After Effects CC 2018 v15.0.0.180 Crack [MacOSX]

Adobe After Effects CC 2018 v15.0.0.180 Crack Download

Adobe After Effects is a great and fantastic application developed for putting great digital visual effects, motion graphics, and for composing which is developed by Adobe Systems, and is widely used in the post-production process of television production and film making and also for video, and web. You can create incredible motion graphics and visual effects. Creative Cloud Libraries store all your Looks, colors, images, metadata, and other creative assets, so they’re instantly available across your desktop and mobile devices.

About Adobe After Effects CC 

Adobe After Effects CC is a great application run on both Windows and Mac easily downloadable and is one of the best and top motion graphics and visual effects software application.

Setting the marks in the industry standard, Adobe After Effects CC allows application users to create revolutionary motion graphics and blockbuster visual effects. This software then is perfect for professionals working in broadcast or film as well as those delivering work online and to mobile devices.

Adobe After Effects CC can not only be used in video editing but also for interactive digital design. This powerful application brings together footages of virtually any size and format, pictures, and 3D renders with text, artwork and music.

Adobe After Effects CC can also help its users by enhancing more to the user’s productions through this software to get higher production values. The software contains specialized effects, presets to hundreds of animation, precise tracking and keying controls, professional color support, and much more.


Installation Instructions for Adobe After Effects

– Mount the image Adobe_After_Effects_CC_2018.dmg, install After Effects CC from Build folder.
– Open After Effects CC for at least once then close it completely.
– Replace patched amtlib file from patched folder into Applications / Adobe After Effects CC / Adobe After Effects CC.app / Contents / Frameworks folder and replace with existing one.
– Don’t sign in
– Use Little Snitch.

Adobe After Effects ( Download Link)

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After Effects CC 2018 What’s New

This new version of Adobe After Effects encompasses enhanced performance with expanded and improved format support, and bug fixes.

Latest video format support

This version of Adobe After Effects includes the support for importing the following video formats:

  • Panasonic: Camera acquisition metadata now appears in the Dynamic Media pane of the Metadata panel.
  • RED: This release updates the RED SDK to version 7.0.7, which includes bug fixes and performance improvements for decoding .r3d files.
  • Sony X-OCN: This release includes performance improvements for decoding RAW/X-OCN files from F5, F55, F65, and Venice cameras.
  • ARRI ALEXA Mini MXF/ARRIRAW: You can import footage shot by ARRI ALEXA Mini camera in MXF/ARRIRAW format (ARRIRAW codec in an MXF container file) into After Effects.
  • HEVC (H.265) QuickTime: You can import HEVC codec footage in QuickTime (.mov) format such as footage shot by iPhone or iPad with iOS 11 into After Effects.

Audio sync improvement with variable frame rate footage

After Effects maintains audio sync when you play or export a footage recorded with a variable frame rate such as a video shot on mobile phone.

Advanced Puppet Tool

The Advanced Puppet Tool adds new functionality and smoother deformations to the legacy Puppet Tool. The new puppet tool offers new pin behaviors and smoother, more customizable deformations, from ribbony to bendy. Apply pins to any shape or puppet and the Advanced Puppet Tool dynamically redraws the mesh based on where your pins are located. You can add multiple pins in an area and retain the detail in your image. The Advanced Puppet Tool also controls the rotation of pins for different style deformations to curve and bend your animations more flexibly.

Adobe Immersive Environment

You can now preview your composition in a head-mount display (HMD), including HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, and Oculus Rift. You can switch between the following video preview preferences:

  • Monoscopic
  • Stereoscopic Top / Bottom
  • Stereoscopic Side by Side

Improved VR Plane to Sphere

After Effects has improved the overall output quality of the VR Plane to Sphere effect which supports smoother and sharper rendering of the edges of your graphics.

Essential Graphics panel improvements

Essential Graphics panel introduces a host of improvements:

  • You can add 2D point, 2D scale, and Angle property types.
  • You can add all Transform group properties of a 2D layer to the Essential Graphics panel.
  • You can drag multiple selected properties from the Timeline panel to the Essential Graphics panel.
  • You can undo and redo adding, removing, or reordering properties or comments in the Essential Graphics panel.
  • When you duplicate a composition in the Project panel, it now also duplicates properties and comments added to the Essential Graphics panel for that composition.
  • When you right-click a property in the Essential Graphics panel and select Reveal in Timeline, the composition opens if it was closed.

Use the Property Link pick whip

Similar to the Expressions pick whip, the Property Link pick whip allows you to quickly link properties to create complex animations. The linked properties refer to the value of properties they are linked with, using an expression. The Property Link pick whip saves you the task of creating or writing an expression as it automatically assigns an expression to the linked property.

The Property Link pick whip achieves similar results as to using the Edit > Copy With Property Links option to copy and paste the value of a property onto a different property. The difference is that it creates the link in the opposite direction.

The pick whip is placed in the Parent & Link section (close to Effect properties) of the Timeline panel. This column was called Parent in the earlier versions of After Effects. To use the pick whip, click the pick whip icon next to the property you want to link, then drag it to the property (in the Timeline) you want it to be linked to.

To disable a pick whip link (disable the expression of that property), hold down Option (macOS) or the Alt(Windows) and click the Property Link pick whip.

Open a Motion Graphics template as a project

You can now open Motion Graphics templates created in After Effects as a project file in After Effects, retaining compositions and assets. You can make edits to the template in After Effects and replace it with the original project (.aep) or export as a new Motion Graphics template for users in Premiere Pro.

Data-driven animation improvements

After Effects introduces multiple improvements to how data files are used to drive animations within the application:

  • Support for comma-separated value (CSV) and tab-separate value (TSV) files.
  • Each individual data property has an expression applied which links that property to the data in the JSON, CSV, or TSV file. Display the data hierarchy of all data files in the Timeline panel. When you add a JSON, CSV, or TSV file to a composition and open the properties, they contain only a Data properties group, instead of the Transform properties group.

You can also write expressions that reference data in JSON, CSV, and TSV files either as layers or as footage items.

Bug fixes

This release provides fixes to a host of issues. For more information, see List of bug fixes in the After Effects CC 2018 (Version 15.0) and also (Version 15.1.2).

Other enhancements

  • Video Limiter
  • Color correction and color management improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Video and audio format support updates
  • Expression access to project properties
  • Team Projects improvements
  • Consolidated missing files dialog
  • Empty disk cache for older versions
  • Disable the Missing Fonts dialog
  • Disable proxies for multiple footage items
  • User voice community for After Effects
  • Known issues and fixed issues



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