IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate v2017.3.2 Final + Crack

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate

The IDEA of IntelliJ – it is the development environment in Java, which should ideally suited to create mobile and web applications. It includes support for the latest technologies and frameworks. To create a commercial project, the tool is ideal. Although I am a layman in this, I think the people who actually work in this field can share their opinions, so I recommend them to download IntelliJ IDEA for free using the link below and test the program in action.From the application advantages can be noted smart code completion, there is a tool responsible for the analysis of the quality of code, plus you get quite easy to navigate through your file, refactoring and formatting implemented for a large number of programming languages, including Java, Groovy, Scala, HTML, CSS, javascript , CoffeeScript.


  1. Install Program & Close completely
  2. Make A New Folder in Named “lserver-softhound”
  3. Copy All Content From Crack Folder to Folder You created (As per system architecture)
  4. Run Install.exe & wait till it shows “successfully installed license server”
  5. Press Window Key + R & Wait till run box appears
  6. Now write “services.msc” (Without Quotos) & hit enter key
  7. Search for “Jetbrains License Server By DVT” & Start it using right click
  8. Now Start Application & it’ll ask for activation
  9. Now Go to license server tab & paste this :
  10. Click Discover Server & It’ll be activated
  11. Enjoy & Share!


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130 Responses

  1. Kalle says:

    This crack doesn’t work.

    I see that the service for the license server is running in services msc but the server is not found when trying to “Discover server” in IntelliJ.

    I have tried both the 64 bit and 32 bit versions.

  2. Hank says:

    Hello, maybe it’s a stupid question, but i don’t understand where to create a new folder?

    Is it inside bin folder or should i rename it as “lserver-softhound”. Maybe i’m too stupid for this… idk.

    Hope u understand what i’m trying to say 🙂

    Best regards, Hank Moody

  3. claudio says:

    hello every one,a m new and i need help,whit a crak,is any one can help me whit this,the crack is wave vocal ride for studio one 3 tancks in advance and sorry for my writing because i m french and is hard for me for the wrintig ,i hope you will antertiding

  4. Pavel says:

    Hi, I did everything as it was in the instructions, but I got an error: “License Server response has not passed data integrity check: Invalid signature format”

    • softhound says:

      If you’ve used any other cracks before? if you’ve done everything carefully?

      • Pavel says:

        No, I haven’t used any cracks and I’ve done everything carefully.

        • softhound says:

          Try doing this:
          1. Press WINDOW KEY + R from keyboard & type “services.msc”, Hit enter!
          2. Find process named “Jetbrains License server DVT” (or something similar, can’t remember exactly)
          3. Right click on it & stop its process & wait for it to stop.
          4. After its been stopped, Start it again by right clicking.

          Now try activation & if still doesn’t works, try reinstalling license server.

          • Pavel says:

            It’s strange, I’ve tried to install in virtualbox and activate and everything was five but in local machine it doesn’t work. I don’t know why it doesn’t work in local machine.

          • softhound says:

            may be a problem with your windows.

  5. Rohit says:

    Can you please tell me the path where i create new folder ?

    • softhound says:

      You can create anywhere, we recommend making it in a permanent directory as mentioned in “Read Me.txt” file included with it.

  6. Sounak says:

    When i download it, I get a twice compressed file, i tried all the links , please help;
    there is no readme.txt

  7. agrgr says:

    download is a crypto-ransomware, do not download

    • softhound says:

      mate, we’ve checked & tested every file before uploading.You can run in sandbox to make sure that its clean.

  8. madhu says:

    I had installed it properly for the first time. but after some days it asked me again, so i ended up messing with service. And now i am not able to install because it is saying sercice is installed. and if i ckeck service.msc it is not showing …

  9. Shaque says:

    Am I the only one that saw that the version is 2016 and not 2017??

    • softhound says:

      Program’s version is 2017.1.2 as mentioned, screenshot is shown just to show program’s interface 🙂

  10. Junriel says:

    how about for ubuntu?

  11. Jibin says:

    Thanks a ton bro, its like real logic efforts seriously i know you getting very little or nothing at all for these things which you do, but for poor people like me youre like a hero entity in our lives thanks a lot andGod bless you with success and plzz keep on this good work it will help a lot of ppl like me.

  12. spikey says:

    filerepmetagen malware malware detected buy avast antivirus??!!!

    • softhound says:

      That’s false positive, we’ve tested that crack ourselves & it don’t have any malware.Turn off your avast till you’re complete with process.

    • Jibin Philipose says:

      Yepp it’s a false positive just ignore it it doesn’t cause any harm or so it’s just the activation process.

  13. SpaDeee says:

    I’m having this problem =
    what should i do?

    • softhound says:

      Try restarting your computer & if restarting doesn’t solves your problem, then try this :
      1. Press WINDOW KEY + R & type in “services.msc” (without quotes, offcource)
      2. Find jetbrains license server by DVT (or something similar, i don’t really remember)
      3. Right click & Stop process
      4. Now wait for few seconds & right click again, click “Start”
      Now after all this try activation 🙂

  14. Tom says:

    It worked for me ! thanks 🙂

  15. James says:

    Hey I’m having some trouble. When I come to install the server it claims. ” WIndows could not start the JetBrains License server by DVT services on local computer. Error 2 : The system can not find the specified file.” If I try to run install.exe (for the crack) again I get the following:
    “2017/05/31 17:15:29 service JetBrainsLicServerDVT already exists
    2017/05/31 17:15:29 Errors while installing the license server. Are you running this as root/Administrator?”

    So I am not really sure how to fix this. Here is a screenshot of the problem.

    • softhound says:

      You may have deleted files after you’ve done activation, you’ll have to copy files again to same location (i:e “F:\Anime\Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate v2017.1.2 Final + Crack\lserver-softhound\”)

  16. Prasanth says:

    I tried all but i got this “License Server response has not passed data integrity check: Invalid signature format”. I tried restarting server but not able to

    • softhound says:

      Try restarting your system, its added to your startup list, just reboot your system & wait for sometime then try activation 🙂

  17. mohamed kady says:

    i have folowed steps and created a new folder and named it as “lserver-softhound”.
    I copy crack files and run Install.exe as an Administrator… this message pops up
    I try to activate the program after but it didn’t work

  18. Gius says:

    Can you provide the mac os crack please?

  19. rene says:

    Hi!, I have downloaded only the crack file. Would you mind if you share the instructions too?, because I didn’t seem it in the crack folder.

    Thank you for your work!

  20. Rj says:

    Hi SH:
    Is there any crack for Ubuntu version as of now . how can it be possible to activate in ubuntu ? please help .

  21. Jhon masco says:

    The .rar file dont have the “”Readme.txt file. can you write the instructions here please?

    • softhound says:

      First of all its not a rar file, its a .zip file & “Read Me.txt” file is provided in archive.Make sure you have downloaded from proper download link…

  22. Nana Sasu says:

    It says cannot obtain ticket from
    Can I get assistance

  23. kumar satwik says:

    plz give me screenshot…..i have failed this operation

  24. Sohail says:

    Hey guys, anyone know if there’s any LINUX version of this release? I have mint linux. can I have intellij?

  25. maurice says:

    thanks a whole lot. on success of my app i will surely see what i can do for you.

  26. Rafii2198 says:

    When I tried run “Install.exe” this happend
    How I can fix this?

    • softhound says:

      It seems like you’ve already installed it, Now restart your computer & try activation procedure using given activation url.

  27. Rafii2198 says:

    Can I update this program and everything will stay right?

    • softhound says:

      Its always recommended to not to update program when you have a cracked license, it will give your license details to their administrators & they will possibly block your activation.

  28. Zeroshield says:

    hi, i get some problems, i already tried to install an older version (2016), and it didn’t worked for me. Still i probably did an ugly thing which is to don’t uninstall the service from the “Application” with “dvt-jb_licsrv.amd64.exe -mode unistall”, i did it from the “services.msc”. But i can’t “install” the service from this new application because it say something like :
    C:\lserver-softhound\64Bit>dvt-jb_licsrv.amd64.exe -mode install
    2017/08/01 16:53:15 Installing license server as service.
    2017/08/01 16:53:15 InstallAsEventCreate() failed: SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\EventLog\Application\JetBrainsLicServerDVT registry key already exists
    2017/08/01 16:53:15 Errors while installing the license server. Are you runningthis as root/Administrator?

    And i can’t uninstall it propoerly from the application for reinstall it, because it say :
    C:\lserver-softhound\64Bit>dvt-jb_licsrv.amd64.exe -mode uninstall
    2017/08/01 16:52:06 Uninstalling license server as service.
    2017/08/01 16:52:06 service JetBrainsLicServerDVT is not installed
    2017/08/01 16:52:06 Errors while installing the license server. Are you running this as root/Administrator?

    What should i do ? 🙁

    • softhound says:

      Make sure your virus guard is turned off..

      • Zeroshield says:

        i tryed, still it change nothing. But the service don’t exist, i can’t see it in “services.msc” since i unsistall it from the cmd with the command
        “sc delete ServiceName” in the cmd. Now i can’t reinstall or uninstall it from the App.

        • softhound says:

          you may have to manually wipe each & every registry made by the license server. only then you will be able to install license server again.

  29. Vagrant says:

    Works like a charm. Pun absolutely intended. Could you guys make easy to follow install vids for newbies? I could help out in creating them in my spare time. Let me know if I can be of any use. Thanks for the uploads.

    • softhound says:

      I Will check what i can do about a video tutorial, thought instructions are all clear & helpful for newbies too, & i am always here to help when needed 🙂

    • chutzpahnik says:

      Seriously. Wondering , how anyone would learn Software development when he/she doesn’t know to comprehend simple instructions and proceed with steps. the steps mentioned are pretty clear someone with basic system knowledge could do it. I bet you have it.

      I would’t have commented if you would’ve actually appreciated the up-loader for his effort.

  30. Ernest says:

    Install.exe was detected with virus by WEBROOT (software) antivirus

  31. cristin says:


  32. inf says:

    works fine! thanks!

  33. John Doe says:

    Dude I get this is for free, but the directions need to be way better. It says install in Name “lserver-softhound” (what does that even mean?) And here you say you need to create permanent directory and in the pycharm you say it doesn’t matter where you install it as long as you don’t delete it. Why don’t you include that information in the readme.txt file? I ended up deleting the crack multiple times and now I don’t even know if it will work and how to get it work. I am going to go with another version from another user for now, but you really need to update the “ReadMe.txt”

    • softhound says:

      “lserver-softhound” is just a directory which you will have to create somewhere & don’t delete, as long as you keep current windows. All this because the program will call the service everytime & service will further call the file every time program needs a activation validation check.
      Now that you’ve deleted it, try wiping up the registry entries manually & try again, or put the files back in the folder where you ran it for the first time.

  34. Jun says:

    When I tried to start License server from services.msc, error message “Windows could not start the JetBrains License Server by DVT Service on Local Computer. Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified”.

    • softhound says:

      You or your antivirus may have deleted the files, check it & put files once again in the same directory & add it to exclusion list of your virus guard.

  35. Zuladeen Ibrahim says:

    please what about mac vision

  36. Matheus says:

    Thanks, that’s what i need. It was very usefully.

  37. James says:

    I downloaded only crack. Now, I have no instruction file.

  38. Ganesh says:

    Can i get the link to download crack only ?

  39. Gagan says:

    Windows could not start the JetBrains License Server by DVT service on Local Computer
    Error 2: The system could not find the file specified

    • softhound says:

      Looks like you or your virus guard have deleted the file from its location, you will have to put the files back in the same location then try starting the service again.

  40. Morgan says:

    Consider Using HTTPS connection

    • softhound says:

      won’t be good if you use https with the license server because your computer don’t have a digital certificate needed for https connection & it will return a error…

  41. amrut says:

    showing this error

    C:\Users\Amrut\Downloads\lserver-softhound>dvt-jb_licsrv.amd64.exe -mode install
    2017/10/17 15:07:17 Installing license server as service.
    2017/10/17 15:07:17 service JetBrainsLicServerDVT already exists
    2017/10/17 15:07:17 Errors while installing the license server. Are you running this as root/Administrator?

    Press any key to continue . . .

    and services.msc

    while starting “Jetbrains License Server By DVT”

    windows canot start “Jetbrains License Server By DVT” in local computer

    system canot find file specific..

  42. TheTwistedSamurai says:

    Is it safe to update the software when prompted? Or does it break the crack?

    • softhound says:

      Its not recommended to update the application. Doing this will send reports about the crack to the author & it can put you into some risks…

  43. Kavana says:

    Can you please provide setup and crack file for ubuntu ?

  44. Mickael says:

    Hello, I use this crack and everything was fine but today I start my computer and I have this error : “Cannot obtain ticket from due to connectivity problem: Connection refused: connect”.
    Any idea why I have this error now and how can I resolve it?
    Thanks !

    • softhound says:

      did you folllowed the procedure carefully? & make sure your virus guard is off too….

      • Mickael says:

        Yes, everything worked fine (I use this Crack since ~3 months) until today…Friday : no problem, this morning : I have this error message, no idea why

        • softhound says:

          Try checking if the files are still there & if the files are present, you got to restart the service from services. Press “Windows Key + R” then type in services.msc & hit enter. Grant uac access & search for “jetbrains license server by dvt” named service, then right click on it click stop. Right click again & click “Start”
          Let me know if this works…

          • Mickael says:

            This is strange, I can’t find the services in “services.msc”, so I click on “lserver-softhound > 64Bit > Install.exe” and now I have this error :

            “C:\Users\dell E5450\Desktop\JetBrains PhpStorm 2017.1.1 Build 171.4163.3 Final + Crack\lserver-softhound\64Bit>dvt-jb_licsrv.amd64.exe -mode install
            2017/12/04 10:54:50 Installing license server as service.
            2017/12/04 10:54:51 InstallAsEventCreate() failed: SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\EventLog\Application\JetBrainsLicServerDVT registry key already exists
            2017/12/04 10:54:51 Errors while installing the license server. Are you running this as root/Administrator?

            C:\Users\dell E5450\Desktop\JetBrains PhpStorm 2017.1.1 Build 171.4163.3 Final + Crack\lserver-softhound\64Bit>pause
            Appuyez sur une touche pour continuer…”

            If I understand, the services is missing but I can’t install it again because I already have the registry key? Should I try to delete this “registry key” so I can install the services again (how can I do?) or do you have a better solution?

            Thanks for the fast anser btw 🙂

          • softhound says:

            Don’t delete anything from registry yet, check if the “JetBrains License Server By DVT” service is present in services.msc or not.

          • Mickael says:

            As I said before, I can’t find the service, I have no “jetbrains license server by dvt” in my services list in services.msc (I checked again to be sure).
            And I have the error I wrote before when I tried to install it again by clicking on “lserver-softhound > 64Bit > Install.exe”

          • softhound says:

            Try this:
            1. Hold left “Shift” from keyboard & Then right click within license server’s folder & click “Open Command Window Here”
            2. Type in this command & hit enter “dvt-jb_licsrv.amd64.exe -mode uninstall”

            Take a screenshot using snipping tool & let me know the output.
            ps: if it gives an error, you will have to run command prompt as administrator & “cd” to the directory & then run the command.

          • Mickael says:

            When you say “license server’s folder”, are you talking about this one : “C:\Users\dell E5450\Desktop\JetBrains PhpStorm 2017.1.1 Build 171.4163.3 Final + Crack\lserver-softhound\64Bit” ?

            If this is the good folder, I tried the “shift + right click + Open PowerShell window here” solution and the “Window + X + Windows PowerShell(admin) + cd “the_path_I_gave_you” + your command” and I have this error :

            “dvt-jb_licsrv.amd64.exe : Le terme «dvt-jb_licsrv.amd64.exe» n’est pas reconnu comme nom d’applet de commande, fonction, fichier de script ou programme
            exécutable. Vérifiez l’orthographe du nom, ou si un chemin d’accès existe, vérifiez que le chemin d’accès est correct et réessayez.
            Au caractère Ligne:1 : 1
            + dvt-jb_licsrv.amd64.exe -mode uninstall
            + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
            + CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (dvt-jb_licsrv.amd64.exe:String) [], CommandNotFoundException
            + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException

            Suggestion [3,General]: La commande dvt-jb_licsrv.amd64.exe est introuvable, mais elle existe à l”emplacement actuel. Par défaut, Windows PowerShell ne charge aucune commande à partir de l”emplacement actuel. Si vous approuvez cette commande, tapez « .\dvt-jb_licsrv.amd64.exe » à la place. Pour en savoir plus, voir “get-help about_Command_Precedence”.

            Here is the screenshot :

          • softhound says:

            Download This file:
            put it in the same directory where the install.exe file is (in permanent directory that you made) & run it & show me a output.

          • Mickael says:

            I just saw the cmd console for less than 1s then she disapears, no idea what happened !
            I still try to click “Install.exe” after the “uninstall.exe” but still the same error msg…

        • Mickael says:

          This is a message I get :

          • softhound says:

            did you tried running it with command prompt (not powershell) ?

          • Mickael says:

            I tried as user and admin, same result :

          • softhound says:

            Seems like the service is deleted somehow. I need some time making a fix for this, in meantime, open registry editor & search for keyword “DVT” & “License server” & delete any found registry keys….
            or use this as license server address : “”
            Let me know! 🙂

          • Mickael says:

            Can’t find any registry keys in the “registry editor” with “ctrl + f : DVT Licence server”, but it works with this licence server address !
            Thanks for your time 🙂

          • softhound says:

            Glad it worked for you. Stay in touch for more! 🙂

  45. bartolomeo says:

    thank you so much

  46. Kennedy says:

    Hi, can this work for the 2017.3.1 version?

  47. John says:

    Thanks it installed successfully

  48. Peer says:

    Works fine, thanks a lot for your job dude !

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