Adobe Acrobat Pro DC v2018.009.20050 Final + Crack

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Acrobat DC (former Adobe Acrobat XI Pro) is the completely reimagined desktop version of the worldโ€™s best PDF solution. It includes a mobile app so you can fill, sign and share PDFs on any device. And with Document Cloud services, you can create, export, edit and track PDFs from anywhere โ€” and stay connected to recent files across all your devices.The application allows you to write down comments and feedback using a separate frame in the right side of the window, while the reading space is not affected at all.In fact, this is one of this tool’s strong points: the interface is quite clean, but still manages to provide a lot of tools for zooming, selecting text, printing, adding bookmarks and many others.


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84 Responses

  1. Taha says:

    waouh ! thank youuuu
    Great website ! ๐Ÿ™‚
    meet it from TPB
    thanks a lot

  2. Cristina Stracuzzi says:

    Excellent, but is important to improve the Readme.txt file with more details in the steps, because is necessary to do other things in order to the program to work

  3. Jason says:

    thanx a ton for this update….:)
    can I use mobile link feature after signing in ?

  4. Dane l Meyer says:

    I put the path in the setup folder and ran the painter but it says it cant find it. What am i doing wrong?

    • softhound says:

      As soon as you click patch, you’ll have to select “amtlib.dll” file program’s location.Also make sure patch is running with admin rights.

  5. happy says:

    plz tell me which folder is to be copied and where is to be copied? plz help me.

    • softhound says:

      You have to copy “Patch” to “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat Pro DC\” (this may vary if you’ve installed it somewhere else.To find correct directory, find its shortcut then right click on it & click “Open file location”.)

  6. r says:

    Any chance of a Mac version?

  7. r says:

    Sorry. Rewriting for follow abilities. Any chance for a mac version?

  8. Harsh says:

    Can you please share the steps of installation in detail. I am not able to install the application. tried few times but i don’t understand why it ain’t happening.

    Not able to make out what file is what & the process.

  9. Harsh says:

    Have not been able to install. can i please get a detailed setup step please. I am not a very tech friendly person on these things & not able to distinguish between the files. It would be really great if i can get a little elaborated setup steps.

    • softhound says:

      you just have to install application (while internet disconnected) & then run patch, click install button & select amtlib.dll file from its installation folder (default: “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat DC\”).

  10. bob says:

    virus was flagged on download… proceed with caution

  11. theoasim says:

    The Upload link is wrong!

  12. theoasim says:

    Sorry. The UsersCloud link is wrong!

  13. Oshom says:


  14. Lala Ram says:

    Hey bro, I just want the Crack file only. What should I do?

  15. ladyduck says:

    great job always
    but iam sorry links 2/2 down
    i hope you can fix it ๐Ÿ˜‰
    bg THX

  16. ladyduck says:

    great thx
    but this the same link as at the bottom of the pic xxx915xxx…
    usercloud file not found and
    uploadws the same klick to download but it came nothing to suck.. ๐Ÿ™
    may you find a other way ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • softhound says:

      You can download from easily, but you should uncheck “Download our offers” from their page before clicking download button.

  17. Harambi696 says:

    i am facing problem in installation of this software, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2017.009.20058 Final + Patch, that i have downloaded from your website.
    is this working software or a virus?
    After downloading it i opened the read me file. step no. 2 says “Copy patch to program’s installation folder” you mean the whole patch folder or the contents of it?

    Also, when i try to run patch application file as admin (i am using the admin account too) , it says “Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item.” I dont know why this is happening.
    Please tell me the right way to istall this.

    • softhound says:

      Seems like your file have been flagged by your virus guard, Turn it off until you’re done & You can run Run AMTEmu in program’s installation as well.

  18. HTown says:

    The painter is getting flagged by my anti-malware program and I can’t run the patch yet. Is it a false positive or is there actually a problem?

    • softhound says:

      It is false positive, you can just turn your virus guard until you’re done with activation ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Harambi696 says:

    I cannot locate the dll file during installation when prompted by the patch. Can you please upload any link or the file name so that i can download it from internet?

    • softhound says:

      If you have C as system drive then file should be located in “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat Pro DC\amtlib.dll”.
      Location may vary a little but it should be something similar & should be in “Program Files” folder (Not Program Files (x86) )

  20. Eggroll2017 says:

    When or do we need to install the .msp file in the setup folder? Do run both that and the .exe file while disconnected and before we run the patch?

  21. Akku says:

    Like others I am also have installation problem. Let me go through step by step
    1. After downloading, I see two [Setup] & [Crack] & Readme.txt. [Crack] folder has several other folders which I am going to ignore as they are for other Adobe products. I am interested, at the moment, in Adobe Acrobat Pro.
    2. [Setup] folder has two files Acrobat_DC_web_WWMUI [1] & AcrobatDCUpd1701220095[2]. I belive first one is for installation and other one is patch.
    3. When I click [1] it extract several files in my local folder. In the extracted folder, I go and click Setup to install Acrobat.
    4. It take sweet time to install and after it is installed. I click [2] and it ask me to update and I click update. It does its thing, I finally click finish.

    Now the problem starts, as soon as I try to open PDF, it ask me to enter serial number or try trail period. As you have not given any serial, I go for trial. Before I can use applicatoin it ask for for Sign on Adobe website ๐Ÿ™
    It did not ask me to select any file to patch. Readme did not mention any deactivation of internet but in the comments above you recommended it?

    At the moment, I am using trail verion, any help how to crack it ?
    What did I do wrong and how do I rectify now…
    Should uninstall and reinstall it again ?

    • softhound says:

      There should be a patch named AMTEmu in patch folder, run it & select Adobe Acrobat from dropdown & click install afterwards. It will prompt to select Amtlib.dll file, go to your system drive & locate Adobe Acrobat’s folder & patch file.
      If this doesn’t works, means that you will have to perform a clean installation…

  22. sandhya says:

    I only want the patch, how can I download that?

  23. zahid khan says:

    please upload evermap plugins pack for acrobat dc.

  24. nutta says:

    running the AMTEmu patching adobe acrobat dc 2017. When clicking on about the version reads which is 2015. I thought this was 2017. so whats the best patcher to use???. the one by xforce which says 2015?. which doesnt work on 2017 or the painter 2.0 or this amtemu?. It would be nice if there was a better explanation vs tossing a bunch of patchers in one folder

    • softhound says:

      This one has functionality of version 2017 but just because cracked file is from 2015 version, it shows it as version 2015, you can try xforce keygen or adobe universal patcher as well, to check out what works best for you.

  25. Olbo says:

    I dont know this is a game or what ..
    But it works for me since i install it 2 weeks ago :
    1. Install from a desktop and than open file, double click on AcroPro to install it
    2. Open crack than install
    This step on version 2015.007.20033
    Dont default it on the program if they ask
    3. Back to setup folder and update it AcrobatDCUpd1701220095
    This step on version 2017.012.20095
    Once again dont default it on the program if they ask
    4. Done and this is clean so far
    I dont know to put my screenshot to proof this
    Yo softhound, sorry ! Do you realy tested all your work ? because your almost all your post dont show readme.txt
    Am your fans too, but ..
    Keep our smile dude

    • softhound says:

      You should post a screenshot on or
      Crack instructions are clear & you can do it by running crack, selecting product afterwards & clicking install button then selecting amtlib.dll file from program’s installation directory.

  26. pneko says:

    Hello, I’ll try to explain how my installation was ok. 1- Disconnect the internet. 2- Extract the setup and patch files. 3- In the Setup folder, run Acrobat_DC_Web_WWMUI. The Adobe Acrobat folder will be created in it will be the setup run as admin. 4- Once installed go to the Setup folder where the Acrobat_DC_Web_WWMUI file is and install the update, in my case, AcrobatDCUpd1700920044 does not start the Adobe Acrobat program. 5. Now go to the Patch folder and copy the file adobe.snr.patch.v2.0-painter to “C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Adobe \ Acrobat DC \ Acrobat”, in my case, will ask to replace file existing ok. Run as admin. Browse to the Adobe Acrobat DC Software and click patch. 6 – restart the computer and show …

    • Harambi696 says:

      brother, four months and cud install this shit. But now its finally done cuz of your detailed steps. Thx a lotttt.
      May the power of Lord be with you.(Amen)

    • Shah Faisal Khan says:

      How did you install the SETUP.EXE file in step 3? Didnโ€™t it asked for โ€œTrial/subscriptionโ€ or โ€œa valid serial numberโ€?
      Here what i did:

      [A] Closed all internet connections.
      [B] Turned-off my windows defender program.

      1) Downloaded the zip file named as “Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2018.009.20050 Setup +”.
      2) After extracting i got 4 things; (a) 2 folders [Crack & Setup], (b) Read Me.txt & (c)
      3) In Setup folder, 2 files are there named as “Acrobat_DC_Web_WWMUI.exe” & “AcrobatDCUpd1800920050.msp”.
      4) Running the “Acrobat_DC_Web_WWMUI.exe” extracts a folder named “Adobe Reader” on desktop.
      5) It contains 25 files and 2 folders. One folder contains the “Setup.exe” file of 411kb. I hit it to install.
      6) But as soon as it open, a “Adobe Reader DC – Setup” page is opened asking 2 options to choose “Use trial or subscription” or “i have a serial number”.
      7) Leaving blank in “I have a serial number” and pressing “install” says “Please enter a valid serial number…”.

      Now what should be the next step? And are my steps all correct?
      That’s why we users want a complete step guide in video or written form in detailed manner.

  27. rishikesh says:

    please tell me where to locate amtlib.dll file .please help. i m not getting that loaction.

  28. Allen says:

    Guys, guys, I also find out about the Adobe Genuine Licensing Service and other crap that Adobe put it on and trying to force your computer update, while they can re-patch the files and force the software into trial mode.
    Please go into Administration Tools > Service > and on the top, you should see service with keyword “Adobe”, disable anything that resembles “Adobe”
    then… got o msconfig.msc and check any service from Adobe, and disable it, also right-click and open file location, then delete the entire folder AFTER you end task, otherwise windows will give you an error saying the folder cannot be deleted because another program is using it.
    Hope this helps, by doing this you really yank out the entire Adobe Licensing crap that is on your computer.
    The downside is everytime you startup any Adobe software it will give you an error message that the software requires the licensing file to work, but actually don’t, by deleting the folders your Adobe will not update and call home server to obtain any additional security file.

    with the new 2017 release, the only amtlib.dll is not enough. The licensing update always comes back.

  29. Abhishek says:

    Installation process is not as simple as u r saying……….It’s too complicated… There’s a lot of folder inside……… It would have been better if u would have shown each step of installation process clearly………….

    At first I was unable to install without sign in process… There I selected trial version and then updated by next setup….. There are many folders in crack…… I tried to add both whole at once and each folders individually as well….. and but also there’s showing 30 days remaing of trial version…..
    please fix it and give the instructions clearly

    • softhound says:

      you don’t have to activate trial, but install it without internet connection & don’t sign it. Before opening the app, it should be patched using “AMTEmu patcher” by selecting product from amtemu & then clicking the install button, selecting amtlib.dll file form the installation directory. Its as simple as that…

      • Shah Faisal Khan says:

        @softhound brother please try to understand. Many users are having issues with installing adobe reader cause there are many files and folders which are quite confusing. Please make a detailed video how to successfully install adobe reader pro and also explain point-wise the use of other files and folders in it. if u need helping hand to write it down, please send me some audio or video and i will write everything in a text file so that we can understand how this zip folder has many folders inside it, how they crack adobe reader pro, how to use other keygen files to activate other adobe apps, how this adobe is 2015 version and how it changes to 2018 etc etc. its all messed up.
        SO PLEASE I REQUEST YOU TO HELP US INN VERY DETAILED MANNER like you are treating everybody as a child here. PLEASE.

        • softhound says:

          I have always tried my best helping people on the website & most users are satisfied with the help they got. I am always trying to give my best to help people & making video on this then uploading it on youtube isn’t possible because i will receive a DMCA Copyright notice for it & i will run into troubles. This is why i am not uploading videos here & providing text help instead.
          I Hope you understand what i am trying to say.

          • Shah Faisal Khan says:

            brother thanks for your reply, but please do one thing. Make a video and send it to my email, i will watch it, understand it, apply it and then i will write it down and post it you or here (whichever you feel is right) and then you edit this post and put those steps also and notify the changes to the users so that everyone can read and understand once and for all.

  30. Sreethul Suresh says:

    It is not working for me i copied folders in crack folder to installed folder eventhough it shows 0 days trail

  31. sati says:

    Will this Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2017.012.20098 Final + Crack work for 32 bit Windows Operating system? No mentioning about that. After downloading huge data for hours, it’s disappointing to see the software not work for 32 bit Win OS. Kindly clarify…

    • softhound says:

      haven’t checked it with 32bit version, although it works well for the 64bit version & i have it installed. Working without any problems…

  32. loks007 says:

    Fake version, It’s not searching for any .dll file.

    • softhound says:

      It search’s for the dll file when click “Install” button in AMTEmu patcher, in order to patch the application.

  33. vikas patel says:

    is there any version for macbook?

  34. Shah Faisal Khan says:

    Can you please provide us the correct steps or video to install the Acrobat Reader PRO successfully without any issue as there are lots of files and folders inside the main zip folder and we are confused. Please write the methods in step wise or a video.
    Admin please reply. Thanks.

    • softhound says:

      Will make a video for this if possible, Stay in touch! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Shah Faisal Khan says:

        I have waited and searched for a very long time and finally got this amazing site (i bookmarked it too) and now u r saying “..if possible, wait etc”. Please don’t ask us to wait.

        • softhound says:

          Here’s steps:
          1. Run installer & extract the files to a directory (after running setup)
          2. Now, run “setup.exe” from the extracted files & select “Trial”, then install it normally.
          3. Once installed, don’t launch application & click “Finish” button.
          4. Run Updater file & apply it by following on screen instructions.
          5. Once done with installation is done, go to crack folder, then click on Amtemu & copy the executable file, then paste it in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat DC\Acrobat”
          6. Run the patch (amtemu), then click on install button & scroll down, select amtlib.dll file.
          7. Wait for patch to complete.
          8. That’s it. Enjoy the product.

          If you have any issues in future, then try either the snr patch given in the alternate folder or the keygen (instructions are provided within).

          • Shah Faisal Khan says:

            (1) Yeah now it worked successfully. Huge thanks.
            (2) Also, tell us why the other files and folders are there? Can you write a note about them how to use and all?
            (3) 1 more thing, can i request some must-needed software crack?

          • softhound says:

            Glad it worked for you, yet it wasn’t that hard process. Those other files in the setup folder are required by the setup.exe file to extract the dependencies, dll’s & executable’s of the application.
            You can use contact form to send a request, i will surely look into it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Muzammil Ijaz says:

    Thaks to share awesome software. Why it has 773.2 MB size. original size is 115MB .

  36. Ashu says:

    how to activate by patch file

  37. RP says:

    My AV quarantined the amtlib.dll after the crack and wiped it clean. I am not able to open Adobe Acrobat Pro DC , what can I do ? and why does the AV complain about the DLL ?

    • softhound says:

      You should add it to the exclusion list of your virus guard. Its patched to work with the program, maybe that’s why its being flagged..

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